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When was the last time you updated your resume?

Whether you have just changed your job or you are in the same job, it is always advisable to keep your resume updated. There are a number of reasons for doing it

1) A new opportunity might suddenly pop up which urgently requires your updated resume. At that time candidates usually panic and then try to write the resume themselves or run pillar to post seeking professional help to turnaround the resume within a day or two. To gather the required information and prepare a well written resume, a professional writer takes atleast 5-6 days and then with the iteration process your perfect resume might get to you only in a week to 15 days time which may end up losing the opportunity that just came your way

2) You have been in a job for long and if you don’t update your resume regularly you might never end up remembering your achievements that you have accomplished years ago and that is what recruiters want to know. They do not want to read long stories of what you have been doing at your job day in and day out but have been your key contributions in each of your roles at the organisation.

So whether you intend to change your job or do it later, do keep your resume updated from time to time so that you can grab every new opportunity that comes your way.

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