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Job Search Strategies

Finding that right job can sometimes be the hardest job you’ll ever have!

Many people view their job search as an unpleasant experience filled with frustration, stress & uncertainty. Others simply apply for job postings online hoping that’ll do the trick. It may sound crazy but job posting are not the number one method employers use to recruit. A good job search strategy includes a number of techniques and approaches that should be followed in a planned and systematic manner.

Sign up for a 1:1 session and get advice on how to make your job search more targeted, efficient & rewarding!

What you get?

    • Understanding the key elements of a job search, including a resume & cover letters
    • Understanding how to market yourself by crafting your Candidate “Elevator Pitch”
    • Tips and tricks to help you optimize your job search
    • Leveraging online job platforms to map companies, hiring managers & recruiters
    • How to customize your pitch for each audience as well as a specific company
    • How to create a personalized Job Search Action Plan
    • This 60 minute session will also include an in-depth & live walkthrough of LinkedIn
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